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Agent Installation


OSOS VersionArchitecture
macOSmacOS 11 (Big Sur) or later, Xcode 12.5x64, arm64
Xcode Settings
  1. Open App Store

    command + space to open spotlight search, then type app store to open app store.

  2. Login on App Store

    Login with your Apple ID.

  3. Install Xcode

    Search xcode in app store, then install it.

  4. Open Xcode

    Open Xcode, then accept the license agreement.

  5. Login on Xcode

    Login with your Apple ID.

  6. Check xcode-select

    type the following command in terminal:

    xcode-select -p

    If the output is /Applications/, then you can skip the next step.

  7. Set xcode-select

    type the following command in terminal:

     sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/


  1. You can download Dogu Agent from the Self Device - Device Farm page.

  2. Please unzip the downloaded file and move it to the /Applications folder.


  1. When you first run Dogu Agent, you need to review and agree to the terms of service and third-party licenses.
  2. Dogu Agent checks if the necessary tools are installed and displays an installation window if any tools are missing. If there are tools that are not installed, please proceed with the installation.
  3. To ensure smooth operation of Dogu Agent, the appropriate permissions for the operating system you are installing on are required. If the permissions are not granted, please allow the permissions.

Connect to console

Please go to the Host Management page to obtain the host token and enter the obtained token in Dogu Agent.