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Host and Agent

Dogu Agent is a software that is installed on the Desktop Computer to help manage devices from the console, and the Desktop Computer where Agent is installed is called the Host.

It is not easy to connect and directly control mobile devices such as Android and iOS remotely. However, most mobile devices support developer functions by connecting to desktop computers, and if you use tools such as adb or xcode, you can perform desired functions to some extent.

Therefore, Dogu developed Agent to manage mobile devices through Desktop Computer. Users can install Agent on the desktop computer to manage desktop devices from the console. Also, by connecting the mobile device to a desktop computer with Agent installed, the mobile device can also be managed from the console.

Currently, Agent supports Windows and Mac platforms.

Host device

The host can also be used as a device. You can use the host as a device for testing on the Windows and Mac platforms.

You can find instructions on how to use the host as a device in the Host Management section.