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Device Configuration

On this page, we cover the configuration process to smoothly register a device in the console.



  • Android 8.0 or higher


  • ↔ Connect your Android device to your PC using a USB cable and keep it connected
    • Use a USB cable that supports data transfer.
  • 🔍 Enable Developer options
  • 🐛 Enable USB debugging
    • When a message Allow USB debugging? appears on the device screen, check Always allow from this computer and click confirm button to grant permission
  • 😌 Please disable voice recognition functions such as Google Assistant.
  • 👓 Please turn off Google Play Protect.
  • 🔓 Please disable your password.
  • 📱 Disable screen auto-lock.
  • 🔅 Lowering the brightness helps save energy.

The size of the data transmitted via USB increases each time an additional device is connected.
When connecting multiple devices to a single host, use a powered USB hub if possible..

  • Preparation steps are completed.
  • Host is Connected in the console.

Once you reach the above status, you can add devices to your organization in the console.

Refer to the Managing Devices page to add devices and proceed with Streaming and Remote Control.