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Agent Installation


OSOS VersionArchitecture
WindowsWindows 10, Windows 11x64


  1. You can download Dogu Agent from the Self Device - Device Farm page.

  2. Please run the exe installation file and agree to allow additional network access.


Installation may fail due to conflicts with security programs. If you suspect a conflict, you can add the $HOME/.dogu folder as a security exception folder. For Microsoft Defender


  1. When you first run Dogu Agent, you need to review and agree to the terms of service and third-party licenses.
  2. Dogu Agent checks if the necessary tools are installed and displays an installation window if any tools are missing. If there are tools that are not installed, please proceed with the installation.
  3. To ensure smooth operation of Dogu Agent, the appropriate permissions for the operating system you are installing on are required. If the permissions are not granted, please allow the permissions.

Connect to console

Please go to the Host Management page to obtain the host token and enter the obtained token in Dogu Agent.