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Streaming & Remote control

Dogu provides the ability to manage and remotely control devices from a web page, regardless of the difference in physical space between the user and the devices.

The features offered in Device Streaming and Remote Control include:

  1. Basic Features
    • Device screen streaming
    • Device touch input
    • Keyboard input
    • Device button input (sound, power, app switching, home, etc.)
  2. Device profile information (CPU, MEM)
  3. Game UI inspector
  4. Remote app installation
  5. Device logcat

To utilize the above features, the device must be maintained in an Online connection state, assigned to one or more projects, or be a public device.

For instructions on how to use devices, refer to the Organization Device Management or Host Management documentation.

Platform-specific features

Touch Input
Keyboard Input
Device Button InputPartially Supported
Device ProfilePartially SupportedPartially SupportedPartially Supported
UI Inspector
Remote App Installation
Device Logcat

Device Studio

Studio usage permissions

The device studio feature is available based on the organization's and project's permissions.

Refer to the Organization Permissions and Project Permissions documentation for more information.

  1. Go to the project page and click on the "Devices" menu in the left sidebar.
    • Or click on the "Studio" menu in the left sidebar.
  2. Click the 'Studio' button among the devices with an Online connection status.