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Trouble Shooting

Checking device connection

Check the cable

  1. Please ensure that you are using a cable capable of data transfer.
  2. Disconnect and reconnect the cable.

Check device configurations

  1. Verify if you have followed the instructions in the Device Configuration documentation.

Troubleshooting by platform

  1. Run a shell on the host through Terminal, Powershell, etc., and go to the path where android platform-tools is installed..

    cd $HOME/.dogu/externals/android/platform-tools
  2. Enter the command adb devices.

    adb devices
    • offline: Failed to connect with ADB daemon (adbd) running on device.(reference) Temporary measures can be taken by rebooting the device.
    • unauthorized: When connecting the device to the host PC, choose to allow the device or enable the USB debugging option in the developer options on the device.
    • device: The device is successfully connected. In this case, try restarting Dogu Agent.
  • If the connection is not successful after the above methods, try restarting the Android device.

Checking the Host

Please use the following methods to check the host.

Restart Dogu Agent

Completely exit Dogu Agent and launch it again. Check if the device reconnects.


Restarting Dogu Agent will set the connection status of the connected devices to Offline.

Check for the Latest Dogu Agent Version

Make sure you have the latest version of Dogu Agent. Please refer to the Agent Installation documentation for more information.

Regenerate Host Token

Try regenerating the host token and re-registering the host by following the instructions in the Host Management documentation.

Reinstall Dogu Agent

  • Delete the $HOME/.dogu folder.
  • Uninstall Dogu Agent from Applications on macOS or from Add/Remove Programs on Windows.
  • Please reinstall Dogu Agent

Report the problem

Has the problem been resolved? If the problem is not resolved, please report it using Contact Us or the Report function of Dogu-Agent.

Click the Create Log Zip button in the Header Menu of Dogu Agent to create a log zip file.
Please attach the log zip file to the report.
If you can't upload the log to the public channel, please DM the respondent.