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Dogu provides jest integration for users who use jest.
The @dogu-tech/jest-environment package provides a custom jest environment that allows you to check the test results of the Dogu Routine.



  • Node.js 16.0.0 or higher


  • install @dogu-tech/jest-environment package to your project.
# using npm
npm install --save-dev @dogu-tech/jest-environment

# using yarn
yarn add --dev @dogu-tech/jest-environment

# using pnpm
pnpm add --save-dev @dogu-tech/jest-environment
  • register @dogu-tech/jest-environment to your jest configuration.
// jest.config.js

/** @type {import('jest').Config} */
module.exports = {
testEnvironment: '@dogu-tech/jest-environment',
// ... other jest configurations

Global Variables

Version: 1.1.3

Dogu provides global variables for use in tests.


The driver variable is a webdriverio instance.


dogu.config.json is parsed and passed to this variable.

jest configuration

see official document for more information.