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Organizations allow you to manage multiple projects, allocate hosts and devices to projects, group organization members into teams, assign permissions, and efficiently manage organizational resources.

You can create multiple organizations within a single account or join organizations by receiving invitations.

For detailed information on the features provided and managed within organizations, please refer to the respective documentation.

Create an organizaiton

  1. Complete the login or registration process in the console.
    • If you haven't received email verification, please complete the email verification first.
  2. Go to the "Organizations" page.
    • If you are already on an existing organization page, click on your profile image in the top header menu and select "Organizations."
  3. Click on the "New organization" button.
  4. Enter the organization name and complete the creation process.

Invited from organization

To receive an invitation to join an organization, you need to receive an invitation email to an email address where you can receive emails. To receive an invitation, please contact an administrator of the organization who has Admin or higher-level permissions.

  1. Once you receive the invitation, click on the acceptance button within the email.
  2. Complete the login or registration process.