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Integrate with git Repository

Android app upload

  • Download the sample app DoguRpgSample.apk from the following link.
  • Upload the downloaded DoguRpgSample.apk using the Upload button on the Organization > App page.

iOS app Upload

  • For iOS, we don't provide sample app. Please upload your app manually.
  • You can clone the repository with the DoguRpgSample project and make a signed iOS build with Provisioning for your organization.
  • Upload the built .ipa file using the Upload button on the Organization > App page.

Create a routine

Create a project

  • Click Mobile Game in the left menu to go to the project list.
  • Click Create project to create a project.
  • Enter the project name and click Add.

Create a routine

  • Click + to create a routine.

  • We will set the 6 items below.

1. Select Repository

  • Select the repository including the test script and click.

If you have not yet integrated Git, see Git Integration for more information on Git Integration.

2. Select App

  • Click Select app to select the platform for running the test script.

  • Select the app to run the test script.


Refer to Managing Apps for more information on managing apps.

3. Select Device

  • Click Cloud devices and click +.

  • Select the device to run the test script.


You can choose any model of that platform.

4. Select Working directory

  • Select Working directory.

For more information on working directories, see Git Integration.

5. Select Environment

  • Select Environment.

6. Write Command

  • Copy this command and paste it into the command block like the image below.

    pip install -r requirements.txt
    pytest app/ --capture=no -x

  • Finally, make sure that the setting is the same as the image below.

Save Routine

  • Click Create to save the routine.

Refer to Managing Routines for more information on managing routines.

Run a routine

  • Now click the Run routine button to run the routine. You can see that the routine is running and automated testing is in progress.